Welcome to the Rippo Art Gallery!


One of the cool things about Rippopotamus that made the band stand out amongst many of it's peers, was that in addition to a distinctive sound, the band cultivated a unique visual style. And just like their sound, that style was the product of collective effort and input. The style also changed dramatically over the 11 years the band was together. We have gathered a bunch of images that we think capture the various aspects of the Rippo visual style. Most of these images were executed by O.P.A..Rippopotamus' in house graphic designer.Click on any of the thumnail images below for a larger version.

This page is still under construction; lots more images & such to come!


A Poster from an early trip to Ithaca.

Another early gig, this one for a small club in Hartford CT.

One of O.P.A's classic stark designs.


One of D's early designs..spoofing on a now defunct sports rag. For an early Pearl St. Show.

  An action shot taken at the China Club in NYC in '92 used to promote on of the last Twishers shows.

Sort of mid-career..a design of O.P.A's doctored by O.P. for this Salem MA gig circa 1995.


A 1996/97 poster...themed off of "Sump Pump"...this one got used a lot.

D's poster for our first show after the memomarable UMASS Pond Concert with The Beastie Boys, Fishbone,Phish & Bosstones.

O.P.A's Raw and Nasty theme...used a lot during the '94 - '95 era.


D's Jimi poster for a very early gig at the New No Name in Greenfield MA..probably 1990.

The 1996 Halloween show at Harpers Ferry was a great one...this poster by O.P.A is a classic as well.

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